Hemlock, Blues Music, and Great Company

On a beautiful Saturday I had a great time turning a collected Moutain Hemlock into a bonsai while my good friend Brian inspired me with his amazing music.

Mt Hemlocks are one of the best trees for bonsai because of their tiny needles.  Collected trees usually have knarly old trunks and with a keen eye, it doesn’t take much to make these trees into bonsai beauties.

Here are photos of a groupingI worked on at Brian’s nursery.

We picked the healthiest tree that has the most potential. This was the tree before I worked on it.
I cut the top of the plastic pot to examine the nebari of this tree.
I propped the tree to the position I see in the future. I also sketched the tree before I worked on it.
Examining the tree further.  It’s very bushy.
Here’s a rough sketch of the tree before I actually I started pruning the tree.
Tree in progress.
There are two trees in this grouping. A large trunk and a much smaller tree.
My friend Brian with his cigar box guitar singing the blues.
Getting ready to shorted the tree.
Back side of the tree while in progress.
Aviary Photo_130757071797224836
Here’s the tree after pruning. It’s got some refining to go through and next year it can be repotted in a bonsai pot. The plant it to make tis look like a couple of trees in a landscape in a forced perspective. The bigger tree closer to the viewer and the smaller further away.
Aviary Photo_130757068355530151
Here’s the trees again.
Aviary Photo_130757069659261877
Back side of the tree looks great too but will not have the same perspective.
2015-05-09 14.27.22
Brian and I after a good day of bonsai and music. In case you’re wondering who’s that guy on my shirt, that’s not me, it’s Pacquiao.

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