5 Reasons BONSAI will benefit your HEALTH


When I was working for a company, I found ways to incorporate my hobby into my work place.  In the spring, I would bring my bonsai to work to display at my desk.  Co workers would come by and admire it.   I even found a way to do a class at work with the guise of relieving stress with bonsai.  I remember the founder of the company attended the class and found out he owned some bonsai.  Since it’s a new year,  I want to relate bonsai to health since this time a lot of people are resolving to become healthier.  Here are 5 reasons I think bonsai will benefit  your health:

1) Bonsai relieves stress.  At least for me, I do know that when I view my bonsai or when I’m creating it, I forget about everything else.  My breathing becomes relaxed and life seems slower.   It’s a stress reliever for me.  I’m not…

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