Wisdom Tree for the Digital Eden

tonybonsaikoa5-12-31-17One step closer to a gargantuan task.   I have a book cover before the book is ready.  I’m a visual artist at heart therefore having a book cover for my upcoming book makes it closer to reality for me.  I now have a much deeper appreciation for anyone who have written or in the process of writing a book.  At this post, there is still much work to do before the completion of my book.   My goal is to have this out by mid to late Spring of 2018.

I’m really excited to share this book with you soon.  Meanwhile enjoy the holidays!

Here’s a note from the book:

“What is bonsai? Bonsai is life. The bonsai artist is responsible for caring and designing for this life for it to thrive and become beautiful and persist through time. The artist must have the attitude of hope, faith, appreciation for this bonsai. Everyday day that the artist connects with the tree, he must outwardly project those attitudes for the tree. Those same impulses of energy and information that create those attitude must and will become the artist attitude towards his own life.”

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