Bonsai Assisted Mindfulness (B A M)


B A M Retreat -Rescheduled for April 24, 25, 26, 2020

Bonsai Assisted Mindfulness (BAM) Retreat 3 day retreat to immerse in the work of ancient art of bonsai and mindfulness practice. Work on mature bonsai trees in an 1 acre garden setting and discover its natural powers that can create peace, clarity, less stress, efficiency, and more joy in your own life. Discover your potential for abundance, wellness, and more meaningful relationships through BAM. Supplies, tools, and meals are provided during the retreat. Limited number of attendance.


B A M Bonsai Assisted Mindfulness Allow BAM to “BLOW” your mind! Unlock your potential through the ancient art of bonsai. BAM is a revolutionary method of harnessing the natural power of bonsai trees, mindfulness, and meditation to create clarity, peace, self-confidence, and organization in your life and career. BAM will reduce stress in your body, create more fulfilling relationships, and improve your productivity so you can have increased income without over working yourself especially if you have a busy lifestyle.


• Learn how to easily shift challenges to great opportunities so you can quickly reduce stress in your personal and professional life

• Learn how to share and receive love so you can create more fulfilling and beautiful relationships and be a great example for others

• Learn how to focus on one task at a time and improve your productivity, even if you feel like you are pulled in a lot of different directions or have confusion about what to do

• Learn how to be fully aware of more opportunities so you can increase your income faster

• Learn how to easily find clarity and become a strong decision maker especially when you have a busy lifestyle

• Learn how to keep your bonsai alive and improve its health and beauty