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Bonsai Rock Lake Tahoe

As promised from my last post I’m posting photos of “bonsai rock”.  I was going to add them to the last post but there were too many to add.  Thanks to our friend Liza for letting me know about this place.  I would have never found it if not for her mentioning it.  There are no signs that will lead you to this place.   You will have to park about a mile away at Sand Harbor park, then hike parallel with the freeway.  The paved road only have a very narrow space between the railing and the freeway.   The other way to access it and get a closer look is through a kayak or SUP.  Most of the hike was on a shrubby trail where the trail sometimes disappears.   Then as some point, you make a steep descent down the hill towards the lake.  Once there, the place is well worth the hike.   The main attraction of this place is a very large granite boulder jutting out of the water with some stunted trees and shrubs (looks like a fir tree, ponderosa, and some other I could not identify) growing from the crevices of the rock.  Besides this rock however, the entire place is beautiful.  I did see some very old manzanita shrubs on my hike down.  Also I got some action shots of this guy jumping of the rock and a lizard basking in the sun.  Again the photos will not do justice but here they are.  Enjoy!


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