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You’re invited to experience the ancient art of bonsai!

Bonsai is the art of cultivating miniaturized trees and shrubs in a pot.  It’s been practiced in Asia for over 2,000 years and was originally reserved for the royalties and the upper echelon of ancient society as a status symbol and for its mysterious calming power.  Today, the art of Bonsai is practiced around the world and it is available to anyone who may want to experience its beauty, serenity, and its potential ability to unlock creativity and clarity.

You’re invited to work and to experience bonsai with bonsai artist Tony Fajarillo at his garden. 

Spring and Fall are some of the best times to repot bonsai trees. In bonsai, repotting and root pruning is one of the most important and potentially most creative work, yet it is the scariest for beginners and improperly applied technique by many bonsai hobbyist.  This work can be done in Spring or in the Fall. In this bonsai experience, you will have the opportunity to work on materials at your comfort level but you also have the opportunity to participate on more advance materials and use advanced techniques.  You can participate as a beginner or no experience at all or if you have been doing bonsai for a while.   Beginners or new-comers will have a chance to work on materials that they could buy and bring home. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate on working more mature trees and more stablished trees. Spring bonsai experience will focus more on repotting trees. Fall bonsai experience will focus more on styling, wiring, and pruning trees.

This is a full day event starting at 8am in the morning up to 2pm in the afternoon or longer as you wish.  You will have the opportunity to see a diverse collection of bonsai trees set up in 1 acre of beautiful tranquil garden.  Lunch will be provided.  All tools and materials provided, show up ready to work, learn, and have fun.

Call or email Tony to reserve.

$225 – Venmo (@Tony-Fajarillo) or Paypal ( in advance to reserve.

Lunch will be provided – Please indicate any dietary preferences.

Limit 8 participants

Location:  Maple Valley, Wa

Tony Fajarillo’s Cell: 206-841-1262 c 

Tony’s email:

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