5 thoughts on “LINKS

  1. Anthony, We talked about some Douglas firs on our property in the San Juans–I’d like to send pictures but need your email. Please send that so I can forward pictures. Thanks


    1. Hi Robert,

      Regarding your trees. I just to double check and make sure I’m clear that you want suggestions on pruning. If so, is your goal to see more view of the water from you house or you just want to make sure the trees look good and healthy.



  2. Hi Tony,

    we spoke at the Flower and Garden show 2 weeks ago. I have a pine tree ?black pine, in my front garden which needs some love, and expertise. I live in north Seattle. can you come out to help me?



  3. hi Tony, March 17 in the morning would work. I have an appointment at 1 pm. my address is 13042 Riviera Place NE, Seattle 98125. my cell is 206-9488176.



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