Collected Hemlocks – Mother and Daughter

I was trying to come up with a catchy title for this blog and could not come up with a good one.   The mother and daughter, although a little cheesy, seemed to be appropriate for this pair of trees.   This was the pair of trees I worked on in Spring of this year with myContinue reading “Collected Hemlocks – Mother and Daughter”

Wild Azalea

These photos of a very large azalea keeps coming up on my laptop’s photo library, so I thought I’d share the story.  The photos were taken on May 28, 2012 just before it went to a bonsai auction.  The flowers were timed perfectly for the auction which was roughly about a week from that date. I boughtContinue reading “Wild Azalea”

Restyling a Pinus Contorta

I wrote about this tree earlier this year  I’ve also been wanting to restyle this tree as the top has become visually heavy for the size of trunk it has.   This is a Pinus Contorta (Lodge Pole pine or Shore Pine).  I’ve envisioned this tree as  a “bunjin” or literati style  which should have a sparse topContinue reading “Restyling a Pinus Contorta”

Collaborating with Nature – Search for Relevance of Bonsai Art and Self

About a week from today, one of my bonsai trees will be on display at the Portland Art Museum for The Artisans Cup (an Exhibition of American Bonsai)  Needless to say, I’m very excited about this event.   There are  3 main reasons for my excitement: 1) Most obvious reason…my tree will be on display 2) IContinue reading “Collaborating with Nature – Search for Relevance of Bonsai Art and Self”

5 Reasons BONSAI will benefit your HEALTH

When I was working for a company, I found ways to incorporate my hobby into my work place.  In the spring, I would bring my bonsai to work to display at my desk.  Co workers would come by and admire it.   I even found a way to do a class at work with the guise of relievingContinue reading “5 Reasons BONSAI will benefit your HEALTH”