The Zen of Furiosa – Garden Description Lost in Translation

Today is the start of the 2020 NW Flower and Garden Festival. This year I decided to create a bonsai garden that is unique and far fetched from your traditional bonsai garden. During our this whole process I’ve been working with the show organizers and submitting all the requirements they need to get this gardenContinue reading “The Zen of Furiosa – Garden Description Lost in Translation”

Bonsai is Addicting and It’s Good For You

I confess, yesterday we went to a 5:30pm Saturday evening mass and while sitting at church relaxed (maybe too relaxed) trying to be mindful of what is going on, my mind wanders and started thinking about my massive lilac tree. It was a beautiful sunny November day yesterday and had a chance to work inContinue reading “Bonsai is Addicting and It’s Good For You”

Bonsai+Insane = Boinsane or Bonsane

  If you Google “boinsane”, it will respond “Do you mean: bo insane”.  The top search brings up Tae Bo Insane Abs DVD video of Billy Blanks.  Billy Blanks is a martial arts dude turned fitness guru.  This means that I maybe the first to use this word to describe a bonsai enthusiast that have become insane or onContinue reading “Bonsai+Insane = Boinsane or Bonsane”

Seeing Double

  Aging is something we will all go through.  Rather than fighting and denying it, accept it and do it gracefully.  The choice is yours, do you want to age like a fine wine or a sour vinegar?  Why do I bring this up?  3 reasons:  1) The title of this post reminded me of agingContinue reading “Seeing Double”

Collecting Trip

Going through my WordPress draft,  I found this entry that I never posted.  This was part of my account when I went on a collecting trip with friend Ryan Huston, fellow blogger and part of Puget Sound Bonsai Association  RY2TREE2.  I was using my phone to record the entry below at the time: “Finally fulfilled one ofContinue reading “Collecting Trip”

Bums to Celebrities

Just want to share these before and after photos of some the trees I have currently on display at the NW Flower and Garden Show in Seattle. Please click on the photos to see the caption on when the before photos were taken. The show will go on until Sunday February 11, 2018.

Why Bonsai will Matter More in 2018

Happy New Year everyone!  One last post for 2017.   In reviewing my bonsai activities of 2017,  I started my this year with a small display at the NW Flower Garden Show with a few bonsais.  Then followed by helping our local club set up the Spring Show.  Followed by a couple of attempts to doContinue reading “Why Bonsai will Matter More in 2018”