2017 Outlook

Today is January 1st 2017.  This post is to provide a brief outlook of some of what I’m thinking will be coming up for 2017.

It’s been 2 years since I started this blog.   In those 2 short years (in bonsai years), I am amazed at the many benefits I got out of this blog.   Made new friends, learned from others, kept better log of my trees, viewed my trees in a much deeper perspective, just to name a few.  During those 2 years I was surprised to have accumulated at least 114 followers via  WordPress, Facebook, and e-mail.  I had a total of 7,730 views since I started, with the best day of 357 views.  I posted a total of 70 blogs so far.  I have views from at least 13 different countries and followers from as many of the countries as well.  This numbers may not mean anything to you or for some these are small potatoes, but  I appreciate this no matter how small it maybe.  I’m very encouraged and frankly I do enjoy sharing stories, photos, and my thoughts.  This leads me to do a little bit more this year.

Here are some of the ideas and plans for this year relating to bonsai:

Video – Pictures paint a thousand words but I think videos paints many times more.  I’ve been very shy in front of the video camera but I decided that  I will muster the courage and use my kids charm (sometimes) to compensate for my lack of, to make this a little more intimate, personal, and easier to share certain things.  When the weather is better, I would like to do a video tour of some of the trees in my garden.  Also, when the landscaping for my new office happens, I hope to do a video journal of it’s transformation. My plan is to create a Japanese inspired garden with some special spots for some of my bonsai trees.

Large Trees and Urban Yamadoris – I have been fortunate to have collected some materials in the past that will soon be styled as bonsai.  Many are large and may appear too large for bonsai.  I would like to take you with me during the collection process and also during their transformation into a bonsai.  I will do my best to share any relevant information that may help you improve your own trees.  This will be a combination of video, photos, and blog.  Below are photos of some of the bonsai projects I’m looking forward to work on this year.

Travel and Friends – I would like to see other trees and meet new friends.  I hope to be able to travel to places near and far to see bonsai trees or inspiration for bonsai and meet new friends.

Encourage Kids to DO and Enjoy Nature – Noticed I didn’t say DO bonsai.  I just want to inspire kids to get out there and DO something instead of look at their phones, ipads, video games, or whatever electronic gadgets there are these days.  There is great value to doing something that will require patience, care, focus, using our own hands, creativity, and connecting with nature.   Again, I will get the help from my own kids to help do this.

Life Lessons from Bonsai – Some of the best views from my blog are the life lessons from bonsai.  I will continue to find correlations and lessons learned from bonsai and share my thoughts on them.  My wish is to inspire, encourage, and help you in anyway to make your bonsai beautiful and/or your life even more beautiful.

Thanks again for reading!  Hope 2017 will be prosperous for you!  Look forward to an exciting year.


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