Continued Refinement of Landscape Juniper

Six months ago I posted about a landscape juniper that I collected from someone’s yard in 2011 Landscape Juniper.  I did more work this weekend to continue to refine it.  I’ve fertilized the tree all of spring and summer and it is very heathy.

This time, I made some dramatic changes from the last work (about 6months ago).  I removed the taller of the two apex and created a “jin”.  I cleaned up the deadwood but did not apply any lime sulfur.  I want the wood to age more naturally.  I thinned the foliage and removed some wires and rewired it.

If mother nature cooperates, I will repot this tree next spring into a smaller, nicer pot.


This is the tree before I started work.  A lot of growth and very healthy.  Left the taller apex last time to give me options and give the tree extra solar panels (foliage) to be healthy.



Just before I removed the taller apex.





This is my daughter pretending to use the dremel on the jin.  


This is the finish work for now.  The deadwood still need a work and carving.  The tree will be repotted in spring into a nicer pot.



The lowest branch could be removed in the future to show off the trunk and the deadwood better.  I will wait to see how the tree does in the coming years.



Below are photos of the tree’s progression in about 1 year’s time.

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