Infinitely Changing “Infinity”

I wrote a post a month ago about this tree I call “infinity” because the loop it makes with its trunk.  In the last month,  it’s been going through some transformation more than it has seen in a few years.  Not that it’s growing quickly and changing quickly but me as the bonsai artist is going through a transformation.  What I mean by that is when I started to focus on my trees,  I now see many possibilities, angles, and small changes that I did not recognize before.  I’ve become more observant.

Some of the changes I made from my last post:

– I changed the “front” of the tree.  Viewer will see more of the dead wood which  makes the trunk more interesting.  The looped trunk is emphasized.

– I reduced the foliage more by removing some of the lower branches.  The new mass of foliage fits the tree better because of its skinny trunk.

– I compacted the green even more by pulling the branches together with wire.  Shaping the branches so that they are closer to the trunk.

– Carved the trunk more so that more of the deadwood is showing and balancing with the red/brown trunk.

– Pulled the mass of green closer to the trunk and permanently secure the loop to the trunk with a stainless steel screw so the tree looks tight.

– For the near future, I made a pot that it will be transplanted to.  The pot will be thin and uneven somewhat like thee tree itself.

Bonsai is never finished.  This tree will sure continue to change in the future.

Aviary Photo_130699494048467483
This is my sketch of the tree with the possible new pot. I got my inspiration from Peter Adams drawing style. The pot it will go into is being fired this week. Hope it turns out okay. If it does, I will still have time to repot this tree.
2014-12-30 17.36.46
How this tree looked when I first got it.
This is when I thought this tree looked good so I took this photo as if to show. Look at the foliage here, its too much and the trunk uninteresting. Also the green is just floating out of the trunk.
Aviary Photo_130666256652481140
Before I made the last changes to this tree, I was using this as the front. I did not like how the last 2 major branches were crossing the main trunk. Also the foliage is too far apart and still too much for the size of the trunk. As much as you can see the trunk loop, you can see much dead wood which makes the tree young looking.
Aviary Photo_130699489353526813
This is the new front that I’m thinking. I already made the changes here other than the new pot. The white tea bags are filled with organic started fertilizer. I’ve done quite a bit of work on this tree and just need it to recoop and get ready for a potential transfer. The foliage will still need more refining but for now I will leave it alone.

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