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cascadehemlockIn several of my previous posts I have been using bonsai as a metaphor for life and as a life teacher.   I’m going out of a limb and making it an announcement,  I’m currently in the process of publishing a book that discuss the potential power of bonsai to help us with life.  By coming out with a claim I you want to expect  me to make it happen.  A very bold statement and a very daunting task but this weekend I’m talking to a publisher to work out the details.  There’s an opportunity for me to get your help and include your input on this.  We will be discussing book titles and I’m currently tossing around several ideas right now.  Would love to get your input on what title would seem to be interesting or  what would  want you to pick up a book.   For the first 10 folks that respond to the title idea, I will be giving a free copy of my book to them, (no matter where you are in the world).   Here’s a quick blurb from the book so far:

“When Adam and Eve was put on this earth by God, He said you have the freedom to roam around the Garden of Eden and eat the fruits of any tree, except for the tree in the center. The serpent tempted Eve to eat the fruit because the serpent told them that it was the tree of wisdom. Tempted, Eve ate the fruit and gave some to Adam as well. When God found out, he became furious and He vanished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. He told Adam that he will have to grow crops for food and Eve will suffer from the pain of giving birth.

In the Christian belief, man and woman continues to suffer because of original sin from Adam and Eve.   Adam and Eve didn’t read the very fine print when they were put in the Garden of Eden, there were other trees in the Garden of Eden that would have given them the same wisdom and they were all legal, it’s called “Bonsai”.   You will not find that in the bible of course because I made it up. It sounds interesting though that a single tree has the divine power.   I’m here to tell you that in earthly terms I believe that “Bonsai” has that similar divine power.   That’s a very bold claim you might think, but in this book I discuss this very bold claim.   I invite you to read through this book and discover the keys that can unlock true life’s happiness and fulfillment.”

Here are the titles I’m tossing around:

The Little Wisdom Trees – Unlocking True Happiness and Fulfillment Through the Art of Bonsai

The Magic of Thinking “Bonsai” Small

The Tree of Knowledge – Unlocking true Happiness and Fulfillment through the Art of Bonsai

The Happy Little Trees

I welcome your ideas.  Wish me a LOT of luck.




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6 thoughts on “Making It Happen

  1. After meditating about the title for a few days. This is the title that I’m going with at the moment:

    “Wisdom Tree for the Digital Eden”
    Life Lessons Learned from the Ancient Art of Bonsai to Survive the Digital Age

    Thank you for helping come up with titles. I will send you copies when the book is done.

  2. Sorry.. a bit late but here goes nothing… Garden of Life… Finding Peace and Wisdom through the art of Bonsai. Or… Life Lessons as told to me by Bonsai Trees.

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