Puget Sound Bonsai Association Winter Silhouette Show

Subalpine fir paired with an American Indian raven mask. This is part of a virtual winter silhouette show happening now. See the full show at http://www.pugetsoundbonsai.com . Also vote for your favorite trees there.

The subalpine fir is a Pacific NW native tree. These trees lived among the native dwellers of this land, the American Indians. NW American Indians believed that the raven is a creature of metamorphosis, and symbolizes change/transformation.

Native holy men understood what the physical eye sees, is not necessarily the truth, and he would call upon the Raven for clarity in these matters.

We certainly have gone through some transformation and change in the last year. We’re also in a time where we question was is true more often than we have before.

This display is using bonsai and companion element to represent a place and culture beyond its Oriental origins. It also symbolizes a deeper meaning than just beautiful trees and accents.

PSBA 2021 Margaret Holton Winter Silhouette Show_Photo Album (Book Format) (fliphtml5.com)

Published by tony bonsaiko

My little trees are my daily reminders of our grand connection to this beautiful and mysterious universe.

2 thoughts on “Puget Sound Bonsai Association Winter Silhouette Show

  1. I love the way you position the tree bending toward the raven. It’s as if the tree is bending to listen to the Raven. Every tree has its own abilities and talents. Some trees bear fruit and some provide emotional healing. Some teach the lessons of being in harmony with ourselves and others, and some teach the lessons of a quiet mind. It seems this fir is teaching us the bending that is necessary for love to be fruitful.

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