A Fool’s Dream -Year 2 of the Arborvitae

Today is April fools.  I thought it will be a got Segway to this post.  I have not seen very many arborvitae being used for bonsai and now I’m thinking, I maybe one of those fools.  Oh well.

In the winter of 2014-2015, I collected this large Arborvitae landscape tree and posted it here   Envisioning-the-Future.  I left it on the ground all of last year just to see what it will do.  It kept growing.  This last winter, I repotted it in bonsai soil and reduced the roots even more.  Now the large tree that used to be carried by 2 to 3 people can be carried by one person.  This photo was taken about 1 month ago.  It’s growing nicely now in it’s plastic pot.  Lots of fertilizer this year.  If it continues to be healthy, maybe this fall,  I will do some carving and some wiring.  Stay tuned.

2016-03-26 06.16.09
This year it’s in this small pot.
Sketch of what this tree could look like.

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My little trees are my daily reminders of our grand connection to this beautiful and mysterious universe.

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