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Here are some materials for future projects.  Most of my bonsai are thin and small because that’s mostly what I want to pay or collect in the past.  I the last couple years however, I’ve been acquiring some large materials, some maybe considered too big for bonsai.  I’m excited to share them here while they are still in their pre-bonsai stage.  I will continue to post their progress as they become refined into a bonsai.

2016-03-26 06.14.18
This is juniper collected from last year.  This is an experiment to do Phoenix graft (but not a real graft). The dead part did not make it last year.  The live part had lots of roots.  They trunks happens to match quite nicely.  If this continues to grow well this will be interesting.
2016-03-26 06.15.19
This is large Acer Palmatum (standard Japanese Maple).  This was collected from my parents yard from a tree I planted in their landscape.  I planted it the ground and got real fat.  This is approximately 16 years old.  I was inspired by Walter Palls large maple and want to do something similar.  Excuse the mess in the background.  One of my sheds door was blown out from the windstorm and my bonsai yard is just coming out of winter from this photo.


2016-03-26 06.15.34
This is a juniper that was in my landscape until this winter.  Last year, I root pruned it to prepare it for the final removal from the ground.  I’m very excited about this one. I always droll seeing those curvy juniper bonsai.  This one can be aspire to be like one.


2016-03-26 06.15.55
This one is a cherry tree stump from my neighbor. They cut their tree last year and in the fall we dug out the stump after it already had sprouts.  I decided to experiment with it and see if it makes it through the winter.  It did (so far).  Most of the trunk was buried under soil, when I dug it out, there was enough trunk to eventually make a bonsai.  Can you use your imagination on this one?

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