Envisioning the Future – The Beginnings of an Urban Yamadori

In my previous post (5 Reasons Bonsai will Benefit  Your Health) I talked about the attitude of a bonsai artist as being optimistic or hopeful in the future.  Here’s an example of a tree recently collected from a project we started this week. An urban “yamadori” ( yamadori usually means collected from the wild).  It’s a test of theContinue reading “Envisioning the Future – The Beginnings of an Urban Yamadori”

5 Reasons BONSAI will benefit your HEALTH

When I was working for a company, I found ways to incorporate my hobby into my work place.  In the spring, I would bring my bonsai to work to display at my desk.  Co workers would come by and admire it.   I even found a way to do a class at work with the guise of relievingContinue reading “5 Reasons BONSAI will benefit your HEALTH”

Why is Bonsai Important?

I’ve been cleaning, organizing, and rearranging my bonsai area. Off and on I’ve been doing it for the last week but more heavily starting Christmas. I worked on my area until there was barely day light. There were a lot of work to do and moved things around and definitely felt it on my back.  As I did this, I’veContinue reading “Why is Bonsai Important?”

Vicarious Bonsai Apprentice

Merry Christmas!  It’s a beautiful Christmas morning in the Northwest .  It’s 8:55am and the rising sun is shinning on my backyard highlighting a large white birch tree and a firey orange midwinter dogwood.  The backdrop is a darker cloudy sky with some openings of blue.  Although my yard is a mess with the dormantContinue reading “Vicarious Bonsai Apprentice”