Friendship: Serendipity of Bonsai

I’ve been wanting to write  a blog post about this tree for sometime but what to write about it, it’s challenging to decide.  There could be several possible topics that could be written about it but what I will attempt do convey is how this tree developed beautifully throughout the years but how it alsoContinue reading “Friendship: Serendipity of Bonsai”

Hemlock, Blues Music, and Great Company

On a beautiful Saturday I had a great time turning a collected Moutain Hemlock into a bonsai while my good friend Brian inspired me with his amazing music. Mt Hemlocks are one of the best trees for bonsai because of their tiny needles.  Collected trees usually have knarly old trunks and with a keen eye, itContinue reading “Hemlock, Blues Music, and Great Company”

Tale of the Goodwill Parking Lot Yamadori

Many times I dream of going on a hike up in the mountains or some weathered wild place to scout and collect some gnarly-looking bonsai specimens (yamadori).  In my bonsai experience, that  remains in my bucket list. So far this year, I have been fortunate to collect potentially awesome “urban yamadoris”.  Still crossing my fingers that a good percentage of theseContinue reading “Tale of the Goodwill Parking Lot Yamadori”

Recycle and Reuse – Creating a Bonsai Garden

To create a bonsai, it takes skills and knowledge, creativity,  sensitivity, and patience.    To create a bonsai garden takes all the attributes of creating a bonsai plus more.   To create a bonsai garden out of refuse, surplus and recycled materials … add being able to withstand pulling your hair to all the attributes. The photo aboveContinue reading “Recycle and Reuse – Creating a Bonsai Garden”

Infinitely Changing “Infinity”

I wrote a post a month ago about this tree I call “infinity” because the loop it makes with its trunk.  In the last month,  it’s been going through some transformation more than it has seen in a few years.  Not that it’s growing quickly and changing quickly but me as the bonsai artist is going through aContinue reading “Infinitely Changing “Infinity””