2 Life Lessons Learned from Bonsai to Help you this Year

  Today is the January 1st 2016.  Happy New Year!  I wanted to make at least an entry to my blog to mark the beginning of a fresh new year.  It’s traditional that most people make new a year’s resolutions and set goals to improve themselves for the new year.  Congratulations for those who haveContinue reading “2 Life Lessons Learned from Bonsai to Help you this Year”

Collected Hemlocks – Mother and Daughter

I was trying to come up with a catchy title for this blog and could not come up with a good one.   The mother and daughter, although a little cheesy, seemed to be appropriate for this pair of trees.   This was the pair of trees I worked on in Spring of this year with myContinue reading “Collected Hemlocks – Mother and Daughter”

Wild Azalea

These photos of a very large azalea keeps coming up on my laptop’s photo library, so I thought I’d share the story.  The photos were taken on May 28, 2012 just before it went to a bonsai auction.  The flowers were timed perfectly for the auction which was roughly about a week from that date. I boughtContinue reading “Wild Azalea”

Restyling a Pinus Contorta

I wrote about this tree earlier this year https://wordpress.com/post/81919794/15/.  I’ve also been wanting to restyle this tree as the top has become visually heavy for the size of trunk it has.   This is a Pinus Contorta (Lodge Pole pine or Shore Pine).  I’ve envisioned this tree as  a “bunjin” or literati style  which should have a sparse topContinue reading “Restyling a Pinus Contorta”

Collaborating with Nature – Search for Relevance of Bonsai Art and Self

About a week from today, one of my bonsai trees will be on display at the Portland Art Museum for The Artisans Cup (an Exhibition of American Bonsai) http://www.theartisanscup.com/.  Needless to say, I’m very excited about this event.   There are  3 main reasons for my excitement: 1) Most obvious reason…my tree will be on display 2) IContinue reading “Collaborating with Nature – Search for Relevance of Bonsai Art and Self”


Around 2002 I had a surge of ideas that came to me while working as a project manager for a large mechanical company.  We installed building HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) for buildings and their controls.   At the time it was winter and I was very much into bonsai and want to continue toContinue reading “IMAGINE THIS – GREEN CUBE”

A Lot to Learn about Bonsai

I’m reblogging Michael Hagaedorn’s post on junipers as a reminder of juniper care for my own collection.  I had a personal experience of the pinching errors that Michael talks about.  I posted earlier of my shimpaku juniper I call “infity”.  I shaped this tree as if it was immortal and got a little carried away. Continue reading “A Lot to Learn about Bonsai”

Whale Watching Turned Bonsai Sight Seeing

What does a bonsai fanatic do during a whale watching expedition? Look for trees….of course.  Yes seeing Orca whales at Salish Seas are a rare site and they are beautiful but for a bonsai person like me,  I had more fun taking pictures of trees along the weather worn rock cliffs by the water.  Here areContinue reading “Whale Watching Turned Bonsai Sight Seeing”