Last weekend I discovered a new store near my area http://www.cedarrivermercantile.com/.  They sold antiques and artwork and other interesting products.   When I walked in there it looks like they just moved, people were still setting things up.   At first glance there was a lot of interesting stuff but nothing I need or want at the moment.  Just before I walked out the door, I looked inside the glass cabinet where they had a cash register set up and saw this wood burl.  Very interesting burl that the store owner found and cleaned.  After further examination, I asked for a price and she was not ready to give me one since she seriously did not know how much something like this cost.  After she told me a price, I negotiated with her and came in the middle.   Now I got it, I’m not sure how I should use this relating to bonsai.  First thought would be a container for accent plants but this is very large and will probably overwhelm a standard size bonsai.  By itself it’s work of nature and it is beautiful on it’s own.

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My little trees are my daily reminders of our grand connection to this beautiful and mysterious universe.

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