Ziggy the Ponderosa Tree


I’ve recently repotted this Ponderosa tree into a new pot therefore it is in the center of my attention at the moment.   I’ve acquired this tree about 6 to 7 years ago  from my friend Don who got it from a Puget Sound Bonsai Association’s member who passed away.  I clearly remember this tree being exhibited at he 2006 Pacific Northwest Bonsai Club Association’s convention  because of its trunk.   I found a photo of this tree from PNBCA‘s website  when it was exhibited at their convention in 2006.

When I got the tree from Don it was in that same round glazed pot that it was exhibited in.  Although PNBCA’s website labeled this tree as a black pine, by the long needles and the less aggressive growth, this is a Ponderosa pine.  I couldn’t come up with a catchy title for this blog post, so I came up with the name Ziggy because of it’s Zig Zag trunk.  I was going to name it Ziggy Gnarly (Ziggy Marley) but the tree is not gnarly enough.

When I got this tree, the branches were very long for my taste.  The pot also broke and I repotted the tree into a training pot and used the Boon mix to help it get it healthier and fuller.  I compacted the branches by wiring it closer to the trunk.  I also directed the needles to point out in similar direction.   When I got the tree, the trunk was  leaning down and I thought it’s too far to the left that it seemed unbalanced.   Slowly corrected the stance by directed growth and repotting.   The stub of deadwood at the point of the sharp bend was the same one from 10 years ago,  I will leave it there for now.  This tree’s trunk reminds me of a calligraphy and that stub is like a streak of ink fading out.



Photo of the tree in 2013 before doing work on it.
Photo of the tree in 2013 after removing some needles, wiring, and using a bamboo still to straighten the trunk up.
Hole in the trunk from decay

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