Landscape Arborvitae to Bonsai – First Styling

This tree have been on my bonsai “to do” radar in the last week.  Somehow I had an itch to style it because it looked ugly that I want to clean it up.  I collected this tree from one of our landscape jobs in Jan 2015.   During its first year,  I planted it in the ground.  That year’sContinue reading “Landscape Arborvitae to Bonsai – First Styling”

Appreciating Life Through Death

Today is Monday May 29th 2017. It is Memorial Day in America, a federal holiday to remember the men and women that died who served in the armed forces.   It’s interesting that just minutes before I started writing this, that I just made that connection.  Since today I’m not working, I usually have time to do otherContinue reading “Appreciating Life Through Death”

Making It Happen

In several of my previous posts I have been using bonsai as a metaphor for life and as a life teacher.   I’m going out of a limb and making it an announcement,  I’m currently in the process of publishing a book that discuss the potential power of bonsai to help us with life.  By coming out with a claim I you want to expect Continue reading “Making It Happen”

Why Do Trees Live a Long Time? – A Reflection about Age

After turning half a century this week, I was reflecting on the subject of age.  “Half a Century” sounds very old to us humans but when you think about it, relative to old things, fifty (50) years is practically just a small blip in the time radar.   Okay I maybe just making myself feel good here, you say.  I admit, there’sContinue reading “Why Do Trees Live a Long Time? – A Reflection about Age”