Landscape Juniper Progression

This scrappy landscape juniper was part of a massive juniper mass that was removed from a mature landscape. We collected this tree in March of 2015. It was potted in the formica pot that is currently in with pumice and red lava mix. It was fertilized heavily about a month later and throughout the summerContinue reading “Landscape Juniper Progression”

3 Bonsai Lessons that Can Help with the New Year and Beyond

It’s that time of the year again, when I become contemplative about many things, what else do you do when it’s dark and cold outside and you’re forced to stay inside.  I intentionally scheduled no work between Christmas and New Year and take some time off.  I was hoping to catch my breath before 2017 arrives. Continue reading “3 Bonsai Lessons that Can Help with the New Year and Beyond”

Part II: Beech Design Puzzle — Michael Hagedorn

Well, then. This is where we made the cut on the beech tree… …to the first strong leader that continues a flowy trunk line. Tony in a festive mood. The new leader continues the flow of the trunk. In a couple years it too will be removed. Then the decision will have to be made […]Continue reading “Part II: Beech Design Puzzle — Michael Hagedorn”

Take a Bonsai Pill

I’m sitting at a Starbucks in Portland on my 3rd day of Michael Hagedorn’s seasonal.  I have about an hour to spare before our session starts.   At another table 5 seniors (2 ladies and 3 gentlemen) were discussing the hottest topic in America, the presidential election.  I was minding my own business when one of the gentleman got upContinue reading “Take a Bonsai Pill”