Creativity Excercise: Scrappy Juniper to Bonsai

This juniper is definitely one material that could challenge someone’s creativity.  I collected this juniper from a client’s yard last Spring.  A branch from a larger juniper touched the ground and in time it rooted.  This was that branch, and it had enough roots that last year it grew like it didn’t skip a beat.   When I potted it last spring, I immediately potted in a bonsai pot with bonsai soil.

I felt confident of its health that last September I did some initial work.  I sharied the trunk and did some light pruning.

Then this last winter I did some work on it againto get it closer to my vision for it.  During that last work however, I realized that I can make two bonsais out this one tree.  I will try to air layer the upper portion for a shohin tree.   I intentionally left other branches on this tree until I’m sure the bends are okay.

I sketched the future bonsai I have in mind below.

By the way, for those who even cares about this stuff,  I finally created a facebook page for my blog.  WordPress somehow will not let me use my personal account to show as a link, I have to create a page or link a page (anyway too much for me to get into).   I’m going to try growing that page organically, which means, I will do as little to promote it and see if people will eventually find it. For now though, maybe some of you can help me get started.  I will continue to show progress on this tree in the future and show how close I can grow it like my sketch.

2015-09-24 18.50.35
This is the tree before I worked on it in September.  My daughter kept me company.


2015-09-24 18.51.03
This is the other side.  There are many smaller branches that are flexible.


This is the tree in the about 2 months ago.  I removed bark for shari and it’s been thinned.
This is the other side.


Showing another side.


And other side.


This is rough tree.  Left other branches for insurance.  Also the upper back part of the tree will be air layered for a shohin.


I know it’s had to see with my hobo cardboards but the bonsai tree is there somewhere trying to come out.


This sketch is what I’m envisioning the future of this tree.

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