Struggling with Nature

It’s Monday morning around 5:30am and I got plenty of “real” work to do, but inside me is quivering to want to work on bonsai instead.  I’m really an artist wanting to express something.  I want to draw, sculpt, carve, and be creative.  Not so much to sit in an office and do bids with Excel spread sheets, write e-mails, schedule, make phone calls, etc.  I’m struggling to get going with real work, I’m sure none of you out there share this with me.  I’m sure I’m the only insane person here.  The artist in me want to freely create but I got responsibilities.

I chose bonsai as my medium of expression.  The good news is that bonsai is slow and forgiving (if you know what you are doing), unlike paint that dries fast.  The bad news about bonsai is that, it is a slow art.  I wrote a post sometime back called “Collaborating with Nature” , the idea of a bonsai artist working with nature.  This time however, I’m having a struggle with nature since the vision in my head keeps flashing but the tree is not changing fast enough.

Instead, I will draw that vision to get it out of my head.  For now, I’m satisfied with this.  For now I will leave the tree alone.  For now, I will get back to my real work and forget about bonsai.

Stay tuned to see what happens to this tree next.


This is the vision I’m trying to get out of my head.


DSC_0905 - Copy
This is a tree I collected from someone’s yard about a year ago.  It’s huge, but I see something.


That’s how tall it is.


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Before doing work on it in the fall.


Other side before doing work.


Uh oh!  Chain saw.  There’s no turning back.




More photos.


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Initial styling.  Again plenty of unnecessary branches for insurance.  That’s one our chickens on the ground helping out.


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This is the tree in the fall when I finally decided to stop the damage.


This is the tree in Spring.  It’s wondering what happen to it.  I gave it some fertilizer hoping to recover well.

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My little trees are my daily reminders of our grand connection to this beautiful and mysterious universe.

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