Maple Under Construction

Here’s a maple that was collected from a landscape job in January 2016.  The owner pruned it very badly.  They want to get rid of it and I salvaged it.  I put it in bonsai soil 2017 and fertilized it heavily.   Last fall I cut major branches and did some carving to start the bonsai shape.  I recently repotted the tree to a shallower bonsai pot.  This year, I will feed this tree heavily to encourage more growth, especially towards the trunk’

This is the tree now.
Plenty of roots when I repotted it. But cut some large ones to fit in this pot.
This is what it looked like before any major work was done in the fall 2017.
Removed this branch and carved it.
Here’s another angle.
How the tree looked last summer (2017).
Another some photo.

s outward curves.   It’s got a obviously a ways to go but  I’m happy to see this tree in a bonsai pot (although just a training pot), a gentle trunk curve, and a taper.  Check back on update of this tree in the future.


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