Seeing Double


Aging is something we will all go through.  Rather than fighting and denying it, accept it and do it gracefully.  The choice is yours, do you want to age like a fine wine or a sour vinegar?  Why do I bring this up?  3 reasons:  1) The title of this post reminded me of aging because the only one thing about aging that I have the least control of is my eyesight.  Without my reading glasses, things are blurry and almost like seeing double ( or multiple blurry images).  2) Bonsai is a great example of aging gracefully.  If only I can age light a bonsai, I can become more beautiful as I age. 3) Seeing double and aging maybe a good segue to the subject material I will using for my demo at the World Bonsai Fest at the Pacific Bonsai Museum next Saturday May 14th.

This is somewhat of a spoiler alert if you plan on going to the event and want to be a surprise.   Now is a good time to stop reading and move on with your day.  For those who decided to keep reading, I want to give you a quick preview of the material and what I will do it.

I appreciate Puget Sound Bonsai Association for asking me to do this demo.   Also lucky enough to choose my own material for this demo.   I get to contemplate about it ahead of time.  The tree is an urban yamadori juniper (looks like an old gold juniper) that I collected from a landscape client’s yard.   It was a branch that ground layered.  I just cut it of from the main tree and potted it directly into bonsai soil about 2 years ago.  It did really well the first year.  During my initial styling, I discovered that another tree could be air layered from this one specimen.

Last Spring I decided to do an air layer on a branch that has the potential for a cascade or semi cascade.  The root took and last fall I decided to pot the new roots with bonsai soil without removing that branch from the original tree.  Next week, I will remove that branch from the host tree to create a cascade bonsai.

This is an bit of an ambitious demo but my hope are to demonstrate the following ideas:

  1. Use raffia and bend a thick branch.  Do some light wiring.
  2. Remove the air layered tree and pot it.
  3. Demonstrate identifying the best front for the trees.
  4. Do some carving to age the trees.
  5. Prune to anticipate future growth and design.
  6. Suggest possible pots.

Looking forward to this demo as I make two (2) trees from one.  I will definitely need my reading glasses for this demo.




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