Can Bonsai Prevent Wars and Senility?

Bonsai to prevent wars and prevent senility? A big order for small trees.  One of the first articles I wrote in this  blog was the health benefits of bonsai “5 Reasons Bonsai will Benefit Your Health” .  I mentioned both the physical and mental health benefits of bonsai.   I was delighted to read a great  article written inContinue reading “Can Bonsai Prevent Wars and Senility?”

A Photo Journal of Bonsai Repotting

I would say the most important task in bonsai is root development, rune pruning, or repotting.  The trees energy is supported by the roots.  A bonsai must have healthy fine roots to become a good bonsai which will lead to a healthy tree and eventually withstand the other training that follows to create a goodContinue reading “A Photo Journal of Bonsai Repotting”

Ziggy the Ponderosa Tree

  I’ve recently repotted this Ponderosa tree into a new pot therefore it is in the center of my attention at the moment.   I’ve acquired this tree about 6 to 7 years ago  from my friend Don who got it from a Puget Sound Bonsai Association’s member who passed away.  I clearly remember this tree beingContinue reading “Ziggy the Ponderosa Tree”

Visiting Some Gnarly Trees

In early December I had a chance to stop by and visit Elandan Gardens on our way back from a weekend stay at Lake Crescent.   Dan Robinson happens to be around the nursery to show us around.  He definitely have some stories to tell about each tree and they were all very fascinating.  I was also on the lookContinue reading “Visiting Some Gnarly Trees”

Shohin from Hedge Material

About 3 years ago, we dug up some Ilex Crenata (Japanese Holly) hedge from a client’s house.  The reason I kept them is because they had thick trunks, they were free, and were easy to grow.  Did not do much to them except kept them alive and fertilized.   Last year  I was able to transfer a coupleContinue reading “Shohin from Hedge Material”