Recent Work on Large Vivurnum

The tree before work was done.  Keana posed for me to compare the size of this tree.


After recent work


I’ve just recently done some minor work on this large Viburnum Opulus Trilobum – High Bush Cranberry (this is the closest variety I can find on my research).   I wrote about this tree a couple of times, see links below.   To show how big this tree is, I took a photo of it with my 8 year old daughter Keana (today is her birthday).   I pruned and rewired some branches.  Also because this tree have not grown any real branches directly from its upper trunk, I wanted to pull some of the water sprout-type branches closer towards the trunk to give it the illusion that they are coming from the upper trunk directly.   I will be repotting this tree in an oval glaze pot in the next couple of weeks.  I will post more photos then.

The Tree of Life

Saving Ugly







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